Choosing the right thermometer

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Managing your child's temperature when they are unwell is essential, children should have a temperature of under 39 centigrade at all times. Using a digital thermometer is the easiest and most accurate way of checking your child's temperature. However, there are many types of digital thermometers available and it is hard to tell which is right for you and your child. 

oral thermometers are an accurate way of taking a temperature however many younger children may not withstand the approximate minute it needs to be in there mouth to get an accurate reading, however they are good for older children. 

one of the most accurate forms of taking a temperature but are more suitable for young babides used with KY jelly as older children may not tolerate this. However care must me taken to avoid trauma to the child. 

Both accurate and non-evasive however some children do find it uncomfortable as results take around a minute. 

In ear: 
not as accurate as rectal but not invasive and offers quick results may be useful for toddlers. 

these thermometers are not as accurate as others but do not require direct contact with the child and provide quick results, perfect for a child who becomes fractious when unwell.

when buying any digital thermometer it is essential to understand how to read it correctly and to inform a trained health care professional if you are concerned. 
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