Choosing the right tyre for your Scooter & Wheelchair

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Hi, we often get asked about tyre sizes, what is the right tyre required and why there are so many different sizes for the same tyre.
It can be really baffling and confusing when all you want is a tyre for your mobility scooter, wheelchair or even your wheel barrow.
The correct size required is usually embossed on the side wall of the tyre. The number written on the side wall of the tyre will look something like 330 x 100 , 4.00 - 5 or 4.00 x 5.

These are all the same size for one particular tyre. Yours will or should have a similar format.
Please note that some mobility scooters etc have different size tyres on the front as opposed to on the rear of their scooter.
At Affordable Mobility we have been selling mobility scooter tyres and inner tubes for many years and we stock a large range of mobility scooter tyres in stock.
If you have an illness or disability then you may qualify for VAT relief as well which just means you will not be charged VAT for your purchases as long as you send us a declaration to confirm this.
If you are still unsure then feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help on 01200 444254 or

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