Christmas Birthday Special Occasions

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If you Snooze you loose!!
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If you Snooze you loose!!

When to Buy and Why?

Well is nearly that time again where everybody is running around like headless Turkeys looking for Christmas or Birthday or New Years day presents!

If you have a list of who has been naughty or nice this year....ensure to shop early so not to miss the special had your eye on,send the seller a message to advise what you can afford to pay and maybe if you buy more than one item ,you could strike a deal with the seller see if he would gift wrap the item..send him the name of the person...have it personalised?

Shop now and have some funds to enjoy Christmas or the Special event... dont leave it to the last minute remember post offices have there hand full around these time as well so stop think buy now and don`t get caught without a underwear for him.

Be so kind as to spread the word with family and friends if you like the undies on my site maybe they can buy a pair for you for that special event.

The more I sell the more you get. 

P>S If you snooze you loose so be naughty and nice buy my underwear ones or twice.
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