Christmas gel nails

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How to achieve.....

To achieve this I used the Red Carpet gel manicure set and nail stickers.  I love the overall look, and is great for the festive season.
File and shape your nails to the right shape and length you desire (I like mine quite short and square, although this would look great oval and long too!). Apply the base coat, cure, then apply the colour ( I used Reddy Teddy by Red Carpet Manicure)  and cure as normal.
Apply a Christmas sticker (I used Baubles Stars sticker sheet by jackandpanky) as shown on the instruction sheet.  The rest of the manicure was performed as normal.
I love the result, and how they have turned out!!  Give it a try.  This is the easiest Christmas style manicure that I have ever, ever performed.  I am not a trained nail technician, but found this really simple and easy to perform.  There are a few imperfections in my painting technique as I was using my bad hand.
Other great ideas could be blue nails with stars or snowflakes, red nails with white tips, snow scenes.

Good luck x

How to buy the equipment

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