Chrysler PT Cruiser

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They were the car you either loved the look of or hated! I personally loved the look of them, but when they came out in 2000 i couldnt afford a new one. A few month ago i noticed they were getting quite cheap. You can pick on up between a £1000 - £2000 for a 2000-2001 model. My boyfriend decided on finding one that needed a few repairs... and after hunting ebay we found one and bought it.

I have never ever found a car so lovely to sit in! It handled wonderful and looked gorgeous when polished up! Lovely upholstery and great design and i fell in love with it! After a few odd jobs done she was ready for the road.. and off i went! She was a real head turner!

As much as i loved the car, the bad out weighed the good...

Good points..

A classic solid car with a well made body and interior.

Huge amounts of space inside once the seats folded down. Almost like a van!

Electric seats and the material of the seats was wonderful to keep clean!

Plenty of power and engine quiet and reliable... (or so mine was!)

The heater cleared the windows in seconds! and the car got lovely and warm quickly..

Bad points..

Fuel consumption high.. i was getting 22mpg.. i suppose its rather a large car for such a teeny engine..which Chrysler later rectified by making a diesel and putting a 2.2crd and a petrol 2.4 litre in.

The steering has a terrible lock on it.. which is common for these cars!!

Prone for gear boxes for go.. and if you buy a PT with a blown engine dont think you can put any other eingine in it!! Its said Voyager engines and Neon engines fit.. they DONT!!!!!!! So engines are £750 up..

So if you have the money to fill it full of petrol, then hey.. go for it!! And make sure you can drive..cos parking with that steering lock can make you look like you havent even passed your test!!



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