Chunky Pearl Necklace Buying Guide

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Chunky Pearl Necklace Buying Guide

Chunky pearl necklaces make the ultimate fashion statement. Both versatile and stylish, they can be paired with everything from casual attire to formal wear. Each pearl is a unique creation, in turn, ensuring a one-of-a-kind pearl jewellery piece.


Rating Systems

Pearls are rated using one of two systems: the Tahitian system or the AAA to A pearl grading system. The former rates pearls A, B, C, and D, with A being of highest quality and D being of the lowest. Still, with the latter, AAA is most desirable, while A is the least. In both systems, ratings are based on pearl lustre, imperfections, and shape.





Pearls have a high lustre and graceful shape; precisely matched in size, colour, and overtone; and may have hard to detect differences


Pearls have an even shape and a low to medium lustre; nearly uniform in size, colour, and overtone; and may have blemishes or wrinkles on the surface


Pearls have uneven shapes and a low to poor lustre; the size, colour, and overtone may vary within each strand; and may have blemishes and wrinkles on the surface


Keep in mind that imitation, or costume, pearls do not use a grading system, as they are typically fashioned from plastic or glass and covered in pearl essence. Pearl statement necklaces are ideal for those who cannot afford authentic gems of great size.



Choosing the best style is ultimately a matter of personal preference and wardrobe ensemble. Chunky pearl choker necklaces offer a close fit to the wearer's neck, while long chunky necklaces may be lengthy enough to double wrap.



Pearls are typically found in whites or creams; however, other popular colours include black, brown, pink, bronze, gold, grey, and silver. If shopping for imitation pearls, there are no restrictions as to colour, as these chunky necklaces can be fashioned in virtually any shade. Consistency in pearl colour creates a more alluring appearance and increases necklace value.


Shape and Size

Perfectly rounded pearls are considered most desirable in pearl necklaces. However, pearls come in many shapes, including drop, button, and coin. Generally speaking, shape depends on the health of the oyster as well as the temperature and chemistry of the water. Pearls are measured in millimetres, with larger pearls being most sought after. Most chunky pearl necklaces come in the form of pearl pendants, or contain other items in addition to the pearls that serve to add volume to the piece.


Surface Quality

Blemishes to the surface area, in the form of spots, pits, or scratches, can greatly reduce pearl quality. As expected, the highest quality pearls have few blemishes.

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