Citroen Saxo - cheap and cheerful motoring.

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Hello and welcome to my guide for owning a Citroen Saxo.

Model reviewed : 1997 3 door 1.1 litre petrol.

The Citroen Saxo is a very popular hatchback, pleasant to look at, cheap to buy, run, insure and fix.

The ride is comfortable without comprising the way it goes around corners, it's a good balance for anyone who want a hatchback that is not dull to drive but values not having a sore bum.

Fuel economy for the 1.1 litre petrol is around 55 to 60 miles per gallon, depending on the season.

A friend of mine who owned a 1.5 litre diesel said they got around 70 miles per gallon out of it.

The build quality of the Citroen Saxo is not bad but not great, certain pieces of trim are damageable from heavy handed treatment.

The performance from the 1.1 litre petrol is pretty good, if you need to overtake someone in your way, it can be done without too much effort, this is probably because of the low overall weight of around 900kgs.

Although getting alloy wheels for this car can be difficult, as the hubs are 3 bolt, where most cars have 4 bolts and upwards, I would recommend getting steel wheels as replacement tyres are cheap brand new compared to alloy wheels.

The power steering is perfect, this is also the opinion of Motormouth himself Jeremy Clarkson, Youtube the video if you don't believe me, the steering is light at low speeds than increases in weight as the speed increases, resulting in an easy to handle car on motorways, twitchy feather weight steering that requires force to keep still on motorway runs is not fun at all.

They are prone to rust, but no worse than any other French car.

The main problem with these cars is the engine, although they are sweetly powerful and refined for a small engine, they do have reliability issues, typically fatal for the engine overall even with conservative driving habits, according to an old mechanic friend of mine this is due to the blocks warping over time and reskimming an engine block is expensive, so expensive in fact that a replacement engine is often cheaper including fitting.

Insurance is good for these cars, especially for young drivers.

I'd recommend this car as it works fine for the most part and can be fun when you want to go for a drive, the modding scheme for this car is huge too, plenty of advice forums too.

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