Citroen blue smoke and low on power

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The love hate relationship with the French started several hundred years ago, probably 1000 years if we think back to William The Conqueror (or William the Corn Curer as my son calls him. I then have to explain he wasn't a podiatrist). The last hundred years or so we have been helping the French defend themselves from their neighbours to the east and they in turn have been supplying us with innovative four wheel metal. My all time favourite French car has to be the Citroen TA (Traction Avant or front drive) with the front suicide doors but more importantly with Maigret leaping out to save the day and arrest a felon dressed in a striped t-shirt wearing a beret and a stolen string of onions around his neck. Then along came the amazing Renault 4 and Citroen 2CV chevaux in horse parlance (or 2 shovers again per my son) and of course the innovative Citroen Maserati and the DS21 with air suspension. I remember the BBC bought several of them before the invention of SteadiCam. The DS21 was the only vehicle that could drive across the pasture to film the horse racing from trackside at 45 mph without the viewer getting seasick. Anyway we are proud to say we have been doing our bit to help these classic cars and even some modern day Citroens that have been struggling with fuel contaminants leading to scratched bores and of course the dreaded MOT fail notice. Here are some actual stories from real people and not all French speaking either:

Citroen Synergie (7 seat) MPV, 184,000 miles - fantastic results after just 600 miles! More pep and no smoke on acceleration. The old banger I used it on is now my daily transport. It is a 184,000 mile Citroen Synergie (7 seat) MPV from 1998 (R reg). It was fairly smoky and most noticeably down on usual power. My Brother recommended me to give RESTORE a try as he reckoned his Omega was running better after using it for 1,000 miles (along with better fuel consumption). I did not have previous fuel economy data for my Citroen, so I cannot comment on this aspect - but the difference in power (and smoke) is proof enough for me - hence my order of the full 1 litre can! (I shall be doing the other old bangers in my collection!). Please feel free to use my comments. Best regards, Cllr. Keith Woodard - 22 July 2010

Citroen CX25DTR - Flushed the oil (plus Slick 50) from my 22+yr old Citroen CX25DTR and replaced it with Engine Restorer plus a semi-synthetic oil. The car has covered 270,000+ miles and used a lot of oil before treatment. Initially there was very little change but after nearly 500 miles the oil level was topped up and the family set off from Yorkshire to Dorset for a few days holiday and drives around the New Forest and Purbeck there is certainly a diiference. The car reached 1000 miles after treatment and what a dfference! Hills that were tackled in 2nd or 3rd gear only four months ago were being tackled in 4th or 5th yesterday on the drive home! When the oil level was checked on return to Yorkshire, there was NO need to top it up and the blue smoke in the morning has gone. The Engine Restorer has certainly worked, and worked much better than I could possibly have hoped!

There are other benefits: the engine is noticeably quieter and consumption of diesel has improved - my Ghostbuster averaged 43.8mpg from leaving and returning to Wakefield. Not bad for a "D" registered 2.5 litre diesel estate that will be 23 on 01.01.2010! Thanks AmeTech, John Smith-Warren Wakefield, West Yorkshire - 17 October 2009

Citroen Zx Elation diesel 1.9, 1996, 102,000 miles - I have now done more than the required 500 miles with your product, both in manual gearbox and engine, so I can add to positive feedback already received. I bought, this Xmas 2007, a 1996 Citroen Zx Elation diesel 1.9 manual, 102000mls on the clock. I am now approaching 106000mls and I am sure I have noticed the smoother engine and gear change. But this is the interesting bit, I am not burning oil (ok, good engine you say), also colour of oil has not blackened as diesels usually do. Car starts quick and clean and although this is no rocket engine but will keep up on the outside lane of motorway with modern vehicles and smooth without labouring engine, and again no visual smoke. I intend to keep this car for a while as it is very economical to run, and if I change my wife wants it as she runs an antique VW Polo with no power steering, so will keep you informed on its ongoing performance with your product. Thanks again. – firdevsbir (eBay ID) - 31 March 2008

So if you have a Citroen that is hiding from the naughty MOT emmisions man, just pick up the phone and give us a call. We might surprise you too, just like the hundreds of Citroen owners we have helped already with a chemical engine repair.

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