Claim-a-discount scam!

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During August 2010 I put a mobile phone up for sale on Ebay and opted to accept PayPal only. The successful bidder made payment promptly on a Friday, and I dispatched the phone by registered post on the Monday.

As soon as I added the tracking number to the order, the buyer claimed a discount of £20 against the goods - claiming that the phone was damaged (cracks etc).

I escalated this to a dispute - as this is clearly a fraud. There was no way the buyer could have received the goods by the time they made the complaint. By escalating the claim to a dispute - the whole payment was blocked from my PayPal account. I provided all the information to PayPal - but received no communication other than the automated replies to my communications.

After some time I received a "Completion of Buyer Complaint Investigation" notice from PayPal that informed me that £20 has been awarded to the buyer - reason: "Because the buyer has reported that the claim has been amicably resolved, this case has been closed. Thank you for your cooperation with our investigation."

The scam: buy some goods, claim a discount... for no reason! PayPal grants the discount with no option for the seller to represent themselves.

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