Claim backs from buyers

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With ebay now putting the buyer before the seller a very few scammers are having a field day claiming for so called undelivered goods which have no postal tracking information such as a normal stamp.

Many sellers will now only send goods using  postage methods such as recorded or signed for delivery which the genuine buyers will have to accept although sellers like myself still have faith in my buyers it will get to the point that tracked mail will be normal in the future.

All is not lost rather than just giving in to scam buyers and refunding them fearing they may post a negative comment let any claim back case run its course and remember to have your say against the buyer it wont make any diffirence to the outcome of the case as the buyer will always win, but the case will now be on record if a scam buyer tries this too many times then ebay and paypal will be able to flag them.

Buyers making false claims can be charged with a criminal offence so simply giving in to them by refunding them without waiting for them to start a dispute claim which would be recorded will only mean another seller will become a victim of there scam.

For every one scammer there are 0000s of honest buyers out there if it does get to the point of  every seller having too offer signed for recorded delivery then genuine buyers will have to expect slower delivery times from non business sellers many hold down full time jobs so a vist to the post office during working hours may not be an option for them.I have seen an increase in sellers only offering saturday posting as they send the mail recorded so that item you won monday may not arrive for a least 6-9 days!

One tip for stopping scammers is to check the feedback left for sellers in your live auctions if you smell a rat an example would be negative or neutral and in some rare cases positive feedback comments on items not recieved by your bidder about other sellers then simply block this bidder and cancel the bid you may lose a sale but then again the risk might come back to haunt you!

Also buy-it-nows only offer signed for delivery all the time that way you give yourself a better chance of not being scammed.

I hope my rant helps and yes in my nearly 8 years on ebay I have been scammed a couple of times but all the nice buyers and sellers I have dealt with still gives me faith in ebay.

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