Clarify Your G-Star Item(s)

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A small guide to buying genuine g-star items

Having read the very useful guide to spotting FAKE A-Crotch Jeans, I thought i would write this small article to assist other buyers when buying G-Star items and to hopefully help people avoid any repetition of an incident I encountered when i bought an item previously. A number of sellers on e-bay are advertising their G-Star items as genuine and there is a sure method for checking this out.

Simply ask any seller to quote the make and model number of the G-Star item you wish to purchase and any genuine seller worth his / her salt should reply with a genuine make and model number for the item listed. (Ask them to check the label inside the item of clothing - ALL G-Star items carry this) This can then be checked on line or in a G-Star store. (If you have one near you). It should also go without saying that any seller should supply you with a photo of the label showing this info. All G-Star items have the make and model number on the label. Ask for the photo and if they can't provide one, there is a very good chance the item is fake.

I purchased a pair of A-Crotch jeans last year from a seller who had falsely put a picture of a real pair of jeans on the item listing, yet when i received the jeans, they looked like they had been patched together by my 5 year old and then someone had travelled back in time to the early 80's and given them a marble stonewash make-over. They really were rotten. Needless to say, I reported the seller and received a full refund. Anyhow, I am digressing.

REMEMBER - Always ask for the model / make and check the item out. There are a lot of sellers selling the real deal and it is them i feel sorry for when these other con-merchants are out there riding on the back of them trying to make a quick dollar here and there. G-Star is a quality make - Don't be put of by fake sellers, selling poor quality items.

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