Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

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Clarity Enhanced Diamonds, A womans best friend...

What exactly are clarity enhanced diamonds? Are they for me?

Many people are left scratching their heads wondering what they are. An easy answer is that they are exactly that! They are diamonds that have had their clarity enhanced.

The big diamond ring sellers will tell you that they are scrap. They are not worth anything. Yet that is a big plus to you. If they are worthless then a it should be easy to pick up a bargain. People purchasing diamonds as an investment should purchase just that, 'Diamonds'.

Botox, liposuction and under the knife! People go to many extremes to improve their looks. Enhanced diamonds are similar in as much as they have been substantially improved. They are still real diamonds.

Any jeweller worth his salt will not proclaim that purchasing a diamond ring is an investment unless it is antique or has some intriguing history behind it. You are purchasing a ring to wear, not hide away in an airtight safe. So why not save money and still wear the sparkle.

A clarity enhanced diamond has been chemically treated so as to remove or hide inclusions (foreign bodies, particles) that are present in the raw diamond. It will be worked upon so that it looks every bit as good as a high grade diamond and will most likely need close scrutiny at 5x or 10x magnification by an expert to tell that it has been 'Enhanced'.

Usually a diamond that has been enhanced will move one grade up the clarity chart, maybe two. This enhancement will allow the stone to look a lot better yet should still be sold at the same price as it was  originally priced before enhancement.  It is unlikely that the enhancement will deteriorate unless the ring is put to extreme tests or maybe if the diamond is removed from the ring and worked upon or fitted to another ring, which is unlikely.
So if you are an ordinary everyday none millionaire person and want to seal your love with a diamond or maybe just pamper yourself, an enhanced diamond, which is still a real diamond, might be a great choice. Your purchasing the ring to sparkle, right? Well lets 'Fire' it up and let it 'Sparkle'.

If you still do not like the sound of Enhanced diamonds get ready to pay £1000,s for your dream gem...

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