Classic Farm Tractors Ferguson - TE 1940s

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Ferguson - TE

This is one of many illustrated classic tractor guides I've created for the community. I hope you enjoy it and if you would like to find out more about the classic Tractor art featured in this guide please click here.

Harry Ferguson made his comeback in 1946 with the TE, or Gray Fergie as it was to become known. He had hoped that his tractor would be made by Ford at Dagenham, but it became obvious that this would not happen and he had to look elsewhere. A war surplus factory in Coventry owned by the Standard Motor Company was available, so Ferguson reached an agreement with Sir John Black of Standard to manufacture a British Ferguson similar to the Ford 9N. Lacking a suitable engine, Ferguson initially imported the Continental Z-120 engine for fitment into the TE, but this was replaced in 1947-8 by the Standard engine. The Gray Fergie became one of the world's best known tractors, selling worldwide and even going to the South Pole with Sir Edmund Hillary's Antarctic expedition.

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