Cleaning Lego

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Welcome to Land of Lego's guide to cleaning Lego

After many years of buying and collecting Lego ive come across many 'dirty' and 'smokey' pieces although at a cheaper price all is not lost so before you throw them in the bin or atempt to resell CLEAN THEM

Please note this is only a guide i find to be useful to myself to clean lego and may not be suited to eveyone, Thanks please read on.


What i have found to work really well is to place the Lego pieces into a pillow case and tie a knot in the open end pop it into the washing machine and wash. Sometimes ill ack the washing machine with a towle or two to stop the legoo pieces hitting the insode drum as much which could damage the pieces. A low heat with a small amount of detergent is enough for the lego.


After washing you will notice a huge difference to smell and look of the lego now place the lego on a large flat table if possible and spread around evenly now what i found best is to place a fan at one end of the table and switch on, turning the lego by hand often to help dry all sides of the lego. If its a nice day (stop laughing we do get the odd spot of sunshine) place on an outside table and again move around often to ensure all pieces are dried fully.

Leaving with clean smoke free lego to enjoy.


Happy Bricking..........Simon




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