Cleaning Video Game Discs.

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How to clean your DVD, CD and Video Game discs.

I always start by gently removing any excess dirt and dust with a lint free cloth. So now you will be left with a Disc that has scratches visible. Now turn the disc unpside down so that the plain side is showing. Then, take your cleaning spray. I have tried many products and i find, pledge dust and shine multi surface to be the very best for this job. Simply spray a light coating of polish onto the disc and leave for around 2 Minutes.

Then take your Micro fibre cleaning cloth. A what? I can hear you say.  These are specially designed cloths for the sole purpose of cleaning your discs without causing more scratches. Just like the ones you get with your glasses. One thing to note, you must treat your micro fibre cleaning cloth like a piece of priceless art. Do not leave it laying around on carpets or floors. Do not  get it wet or dirty. Make sure to keep it in a packet for later use, so no dirt or dust can get into the fabric, that would be fatal! I like to use a freezer bag to make sure my cloth is in tip top condition.

Now you have your brand spanking clean micro fibre cloth in your clean hands. Rub from the centre of the disc to the outside and repeat this until all of the polish has been removed. I prefer to hold the disc in the centre while doing this. Also when holding the disc like this you can angle it into bright light to see if there are any areas the looked smudged and need cleaning. Also, if you feel it is necessary, proceed with the above steps for the top, picture side of the disc.

Your disc will now be free from any dirt and dust and the scratches will look reduced and your disc is 100% more likely to work. Maintaining your disc like this will ensure hours upon hours of interrupted game play.

Also, ever had a pre-owned game with a big black pen marker on the disc and often the case and booklet? Usually a P. Ever wondered i wish i could remove that mark. Well, now, my gamer fans you are about to uncover the secret i use!

Nail polish remover. Use very sparingly. And it will remove the black pen, ink marks. That some stupid computer shops wrote on booklets, cases and discs. ( I bet these are the same crazy people who p[rice clip books).

Thank you for taking the time to learn a new skill. Proceed to the next level.....

PS: Toothpaste does NOT work!

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