Cleaning and maintenance of an oiled wood floor

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How to maintain an Oiled Wood Floor


After some time in the business I have realised that most people don’t know how take care of an oiled floor. It’s certainly not a cheap floor so what are a few hours of your time in comparison


“Oiled Floors are beautiful and hard wearing but only if they are looked after”


Is your floor stained?


It’s likely that you have let the oil dry out of the wood leaving it susceptible for dirt and stains to soak into the dry unfinished wood. To fix this simply sand away the stained wood and apply maintenance oil. To avoid this use the correct maintenance procedure.


Is your floor Black / Water damaged?


If you are using water to clean your floor stop now!!!!!!!! Water will draw the oil out of your wood and actually dry it out leaving it susceptible to water damage that’s what the black stains are. Try and mop spills as soon they happen. If the damage is irreversible then I’m afraid a complete sand and seal may be necessary.


Is your floor Dry / Splitting


Again you’ve let the oil dry out so reapply a maintenance oil as soon as possible to prevent further damage.




Let the oil dry out

Clean using normal soap and water

Leave spillages





Seek advice on what product is best for you from your supplier or manufacturer

Use the correct maintenance products for your floor.


Not sure which one to use??? Unless you have a coloured oiled floor (not Natural) I always recommend W.O.C.A maintenance products. For starters they do a maintenance kit that includes instructions and the components needed is which makes it great for beginners.


The WOCA range


They offer an intensive cleaner that will remove stubborn stains and ground in muck. Usually to be used prior to re-oiling your floor as it can remove some of the oiled finish on the wood.


For regular maintenance you should use WOCA wood soap. You should treat your floor with the soap on average around every two weeks (dependant of wear) and sweep regularly. To apply the soap you need two mop buckets and what you do is fill one with water and the other with diluted soap. You then mop the floor with the soap and rinse off the mop in the bucket of water. Doing this will keeps your floor looking better for longer by nourishing the wood as well as cleaning it. 


As your floor ages it will no doubt begin to dry out and sometimes can even need treating straight after laying. To re-oil the floor you would use WOCA maintenance oil after cleaning with the intensive cleaner. Simply poor the maintenance oil onto the floor and rub in using a cotton cloth. On an average room you should only need to do this every 24 months but you can use the oil to treat small sections that have dried out or to spot repair scratches. Obviously the time frame is dependant on the traffic in the area the floor has been laid.


Most damage (scratches and scuffs) that happens to an oiled floor is due to bits of glass and stone on the bottom of people’s shoes so a no shoes policy and an nice coir matt well can reduce the wear on your floor. 


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