Cleaning your old teddy bear

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Teddy Bear Cleaning

If you are looking to clean old teddy bears try the following tips…
First find out what fur teddy has – Is it mohair, plush or another fabric like cotton or sheep wool?
Only try to wet clean a bear made of mohair or synthetic fibres, and then only with extreme caution so as not to ruin teddy.
Better your old bear is grubby than ruined with colour run fur or matted fur from being made wet.
Some types of bears are just not well suited to being wet clean and will need to have professional teddy bear hospital care to look their best again.
If you are sure the bear is made of mohair or a synthetic fibre you can use the method we use for a gentle careful clean.  First gently brush ted with a soft brush all over to free up dirt and dust and remove much of it.
Use natural soap flakes in very tepid water and make a lot of soap lather.  Wear gloves and have clean cloths ready to use for the wet clean and some to pat him dry.
Use the lather and add to a clean lint free cloth and gently wipe over teddy to remove dirt and grime.  Wipe him again once or twice with a wet cloth to remove the soap.  If the fur is very harsh and dry you can have a final wipe over with a wrung out cloth, having clean water with a little unscented baby type fabric conditioner in it.  Then gently pat him dry with a cloth, you can also use a hairdryer on a very low warm setting.
Never try to wet clean bears unless testing first, as some colours of bears have dyes that will run if wet – we have seen this with brown bears many times and do not consider most safe to wet clean.
We are fans of natural products to deter moths and keep bags of lavender/cloves near our bears as this deters moths.  Also cedar wood balls and conkers seem to work well.
If you have an old bear that you purchase that you think may have any moths on him or in him, you can seal him in plastic bags and put into the freezer for at least 48 hours.  But as this is drastic we would only do if we were very unhappy with his condition.  Make sure no wet can get into his bag and do with caution and we would not recommend this on a high value bear.  Instead get expert advice and we would recommend booking him into a teddy bear hospital for them to treat him.
The above our from our own experience over the years with many hundreds of bears and we all have our own favoured methods for cleaning and protecting bears.  
 The above is for a guide only and should not be relied on without checking out and satisfying yourself first.

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