Cleaning your silver jewellery

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Polishing cloth

We have  all been there your jewellery isn't looking it's best, you didn't clean it before putting it away then left it, forgot about it and before you know it its tarnished and looking past its best.

2 for 99p free delivery on eBay but can be purchased at argos or local jeweller

if it's really dirty try silvo, this can be purchased in any supermarket or online and can be used in conjunction with a silver polishing cloth.  Just as a word of warning make sure you really clean it off as it is chemicals and you don't want it in prolonged contact with the skin. 

Sonic cleaner

I must admit I just don't get it.  I have used these cleaners on jewellery and have not found them useful at all. I know some people including jewellers swear by them but personally I just haven't got the hang of it.  

You our can use with just water, with washing up liquid or with special fluids and they can vary a great deal in price.  Like I said I have never had a great deal of success but it's worth a try.

Shop brought Silver dip

First warning is that this is usually quite harsh and the instructions should be carefully followed.  There  are loads of different brands available in jewellers, high street shops, supermarkets and online at a variety of prices but usually it's about £4.  

It it cannot usually be used with stones or pearls but can be quite useful for a quick and easy clean up of very dirty plain silver jewellery.  

Once again these are chemical so make sure you carefully clean it prior to wearing on the skin.

Homemade silver dip

This is my personal favourite and is made of things that are usually around the house. You can use this with plain silver jewellery but I have also used this with pearls too and have not had any problems but be warned I cannot guarantee this.

line a bowl with aluminium tin foil I presonally use one with a lid as hot water is used and it is a bit safer.  Into the bowl add one tea spoon of salt and one of bicarbonate of soda.  Add the jewellery and then pour in hot nearly boiling water.  Leave for 5 minutes and then carefully remove the jewellery and rinse.  This process/ingredients causes a chemical reaction which strips the tarnish off silver jewellery.

this is the most effective cleaning I have found without using professional tools.

Professional tools you can use

Dremel or polisher - use the professional jewellery tip and tripoli compound to polish  your jewellery. This really is for those that have attended silversmithing courses but there are loads of online guides and you tube videos if you wanted to try.  Be careful and use the necessary safety equipment or better still leave this to the professionals. 

Jewellery storage

You can really save on all this cleaning by storing your jewellery correctly. If you clean with a silver cleaning cloth after every use and store in a zip lock bag and your item will not tarnish. 


This is just my opinion I Dont know what you are trying to clean or how you are doing it so be very careful.  seek professional assistance and relevant safety equipment with using any chemicals, always read the labels & follow instructions on the products first and Formost and if you can't do this or on precious items always use a professional jewellery. 

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