Cleansing Crystals, Crystal Balls, Pagan & Wicca Tools

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How to Cleanse Crystals, Rune Stones and Crystal Balls

This guide has been provided by the International Shop of Mystery to help you to cleanse your New Age and Wicca supplies, to ensure optimum performance. At the International Shop of Mystery we want you to be happy with your purchases, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you need any additional information, and we'll do our best to help!

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Why do Crystals and Divination Tools need Cleansing?

When using crystals or divination tools for Reiki or other Healing, Feng Shui, or any Pagan, Wicca or Occult purpose, your items must be cleansed first to remove residual energy. If you buy your supplies from the International Shop of Mystery, your items are cleansed and empowered by Priestess Amethystine prior to dispatch, however, it is very easy for crystals and divination tools to pick up energy from anyone who handles them, and so you are advised to cleanse your items again when they arrive to remove any residual or negative energy picked up en route to you.

Every time you use crystals or divination tools, they can pick up the energy of the person you are reading or healing, and for this reason you need to cleanse your items between uses. Even if items are not handled, for example if you use crystals as ornaments or for Feng Shui, their power will reduce over time, and you will notice that the positive energy they radiate into the room and its occupants can decline over time, indicating that your magickal items are in need of cleansing.

How are Crystals and Divination Tools Cleansed?

There are many different ways to cleanse your supplies; some are simpler than others, some take practice to accomplish, some take a few minutes and some take several hours….it’s a good idea to try different methods and see which is best for you, and for your supplies. Not all methods work for all people, and not all methods are suitable for all objects – you need to be careful with your crystals and tools and make sure that you don’t use any cleansing method that could damage them. The list below starts with the quicker methods, but these are also the methods that need most practice and experience – novices may prefer the methods from lower in the list, which take longer but are easy to do.

Cleansing by Intent

This is the quickest way of cleansing your items, and is particularly recommended for those using their tools professional, who need a quick turnaround, for example crystal Reiki practitioners and Healers who need to cleanse crystals between clients, or Fortune Tellers and Readers who need to cleanse crystal balls or rune stone sets between readings. The art of cleansing by intent can take some practice to perfect, but usually becomes easier with time.

Take your magickal item (for rune stones etc you can cleanse the whole set at once) in your hands (cup your hands around it if it’s too big to hold), and imagine a pure, golden light, radiating down from above and filling your item, until it begins to glow with the same golden light in your mind’s eye. Attune yourself to the vibrations of your item, and wait for them to change – with practice you should be able to read these vibrations and detect the change in them that indicates that your item is cleansed. You have to trust your intuition with this method, and although it is more quick and convenient than other methods, you may prefer to try another way if you are a novice.

Cleansing with Water

Many items can be damaged by water, for example various crystals (especially those ending in ‘ite’), metal objects that may tarnish, painted items, any item with a wooden or paper element may be vulnerable, as may be anything dyed, and many other items are not water resistant. Before you use this method, you need to be absolutely sure that your item will not suffer from water damage. This method is very similar to cleansing with intent, and as such it may not be suitable for novices, but can become easier with practice.

Hold your item under running water (the kitchen tap with do), and visualise the water washing away any negative energy, and cleansing your item. As with cleansing by Intent, you will need to feel for a change in the item’s vibrations to know when cleansing is complete. Allow your item to dry naturally.

Rain or electrical storms will also cleanse your crystals, taking any negativity to the earth with it, but again, you must be sure that your item will not suffer water damage.

Cleansing by Reiki

This is another quick and convenient method, suitable for any object, but only suitable for those attuned to Reiki. Reiki practitioners can place their hands above the object, and use the flow to cleanse the object. This is ideal for large object that are difficult to move, and is particularly recommended for crystal healers who need a fast turnaround between clients.

Cleansing by Incense

This method is quick and easy, and appropriate for most items, although not for anything that may be damaged by smoke. Light some incense (stick or cone is fine) in a heat proof container, and pass your item through the smoke a few times, taking care to stay away from any hot areas. A number of incense cones suitable for this purpose are available from the International Shop of Mystery, we particularly recommend our Amber, Cedarwood, and Water incense cones for cleansing. Exercise common sense when using this method, always take proper care when lighting and using incense, and never leave it burning unattended.

Cleansing by Burial

As with cleansing by water, this method is not appropriate unless you are absolutely sure that your item will not be damaged in any way by water or soil (which is heavy and scratchy) or anything in the earth. Simply bury your item for eight hours in a safe place (remember to mark the spot!), and dig it up cleansed.

Cleansing in Brown Rice or Flower Petals

Another method is to cover your item with flower petals or brown rice (uncooked!) for eight hours, so that the rice / petals can absorb any residual energy and cleanse your item. You shouldn’t eat anything that has been used for this purpose as it may be full of negative energy, you need to throw away or compost your cleansing medium (negative energy can dissipate into the earth). If you can, it’s nice to match the colour of the petals to the item. Note that rice grains can scratch, and flower petals can stain, so you should only use this method for suitably resilient items.

Cleansing by Sunlight or Moonlight

If you can manage without your item for eight hours, then this is the easiest method of all, as it required no equipment and no special skills. Simply leave your object to cleanse in direct sunlight or moonlight for eight hours. You can do this indoors, for example on a windowsill, under a skylight, or in a conservatory; or you can do it outside if you have a safe place that is protected from potentially damaging environmental factors such as rain and frost. Many items can be damaged by direct sunlight, particularly brightly coloured crystals, and anything that you think may be sensitive to the sun’s harsh rays should only be cleansed by moonlight. A full moon is best, but obviously this is not always possible, and other stages of the moon’s cycle are satisfactory.

Any other Questions?

We are happy to answer any questions you may have on this topic as best we can, just visit any listing at the International Shop of Mystery and use 'ask seller a question'.

The above information is a guide only. By law, we are unable to make claims as to the effectiveness of mystical, religious, Wiccan, new age and similar items for medicinal, health, or occult purposes. The information provided about such items is derived from historical and traditional uses, and is no way presented as substantiated; this information is intended to help you to make informed decisions, and is not intended as a substitute for competent medical care or common sense. Please exercise common sense when using such items, and do not allow their use by children.

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