Climbing and Ebay

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Climbing is a natural human instinct. to get higher than you have ever been before, via a harder route than you have ever managed can be an adictive and rewarding past time.

I am writeing this guide more as a warning however. Many people climb on indoor climbing walls every year, and are treated to the thrills of hight and difficulty in a controled and relitivly safe enviroment.

Many of thous bitten by the bug indoors may wish to pursue this amazing past time (life style?) outdoors, were it was originated. However climbing IS a dangourus sport, with a high risk of death. To try and learn to climb with books, online advice and gear brought cheaply from an online resouce is at best fool hardy.

Anyone starting out should definetly seek the advice of an experienced climber of many years, who can introduce you to the skills needed to enjoy the outdoors safely. When buying gear on ebay, although it can be cheap, convinent and easy, it is worth remebering that without knowing the history of its use, you could be trusting your life to something as strong as a coathanger. use your common scence, when buying online, buy new on items which you will be risking your life and seek help before useing it. but at the same time





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