Clinchers or Tubulars

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Tubulars are for nostalgic reasons the tyre of choice but are they really better?
Well I have raced on both to a relitivly high standard. The pros and cons of tubs are pretty one sided against tubs in my opinion as i will explain:

Tubs are high preasure and cannot blow of the rim if high presure is desired.
apart from that there just a bit posh. they never really run true due to the valve creating a bump in the wheels as seen when spinning it. they also are a pain to fix and ushually have a latex innertube which you shouldnt use a butyl patch on, oh and they never really roll straight afterwards. they cost a fair whack

Clinchers on the other hand will always run perfectly true. you can use iether butyl or latex tubes. if fixing a latex tube always use a cutting from an old latex tube, it will never peal of unlike butyl. Latex tubes also need to be talcum powdered  to lubricate the tube from the tyre. this reduces puncture risk as the tube will move if something comes through the tyre (ever pealed out a tube from the tyre!). trust me it works! I have hit drains with out man hole covers and still got to the finish line 100km later even though the rim was wreked and had serious flat spots and the cotton tyre wall split. how latex tubes behave are amazing!

To Conclude, I would recomend only  Veloflex tyres for racing with a  Mitchelin Air Comp Latex  tube on Velox cloth rim tape. remember to talc inside the tyre and all over the tube. now you have a serious set up, and you will feel it when you ride them, even if your on the most basic, cheepest wheels! This setup won me the crit champs in 95 so i cant be that wrong and i still believe it the tyres and tubes helped a lot!

It will be the best investment you make and will only cost you around £15 for the tubes and rim tapes. just remeber to dry your tyres out if they get wet and re talk them when rim tape and tyre are dry!

Good Luck and race hard!

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