Clock Your Auctions for More Hits / Sales

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Clock Your Auctions for More Hits / Sales....

There are no set rules on timming your auctions closes. It's up to you to decide what you believe might actually work best for specific articles!

I've seen a group of auctions expire very early in the A.M. when people are normally preparing their breakfast, and there were no weak closing bids! I actually set my alarm clock hoping otherwise - that i could take a few articles that might not have reached peak bidding but to my surprise there was no such luck there! (big bidding turnout!)

However, I wouldn't suggest that you randomly pick a specific hour for an auction to end. For most of EBaY offers the 'auction ending' is the same time as the listing time, the only difference is found in the amount of days from posting - to - wrap-up dates (called auction period).

EBaY offers several auctions lengths as in 3,5,7 and 10 days listings for your convenience, however there is no rules as far as what hour your expected to complete the posting(s). It's a 24/7 operation and if you feel compelled to list at 3 A.M. that's completely acceptable.

However, I wouldn't recommend that hour because if your article closes when people are sleeping - there's no last bidders are awake then. But it is possible that other countries around the world are still awake and seeing your sales finishing-up.

(For international) You've might have heard of 'GMT,' according to it means:

'Greenwich Mean Time. The time at Greenwich, England, which is used as the basis for standard time throughout the world.' or simply GMT.

Every other time zone is either GMT + or GMT - at one hour increments. And there are twenty four time-zones found in the world. For example, New York City is GMT + 5 Hours. So if you decide to end an auction at 10 PM in the Great Apple it would be 5 PM in England.

You probably remember this example the best from New Years eve. television programming that showed different cities around the globe breaking the celebration bottle one hour after another! And for Americans it would have been very late in the morning before Hawaii had a chance to air their new year cheers!

It's the same with EBaY sales - and programming you auctions accordingly, so you might want to refer to a website that shows all time-zones and the cities for you. I have a map on my wall near my computer that's just like what Ham Radio operators use for time reference. But i still have to do the math.

As far as EBaY 'traffic' is concerned - you best time is early evening upto about 9 o'clock. Anything posted later would force your customers to remain awake or to set a proxy bid before going to sleep. Weekend could experience web traffic all day since a lot people are free from their work/job duties.

I try to avoid anytime close to holidays because it's a gamble. If you believe that a holiday is good but you don't think that your available during a specific hour to post - than you could have EBay do an auction post at a specific hour / day for small listing fee! And there are free auction post sites that charge nothing for this process.

Don't forget to check EBaY's official time and to set your clock to it! It's

more important than the world clock when it comes to your operations.

Can I make a suggestion, don't get worried if you seen a similar to yours selling at a specific time - it doesn't mean that yours should end within the same time period - even if there's finished wonderfully with bids!

Another important factor is whether there is day light savings in effect which is the manipulation of time by one hour for helping save fuel and saving lives. Check for information regarding day light savings. Here in the USA the clock is pushed ahead in the spring by one hour / and is then drops back one hour in the fall season.

Remember it's up to you, you decide the hour!






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