Clone MP3 Players (Buyer Beware!)

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If you are thinking of purchasing a clone MP3 player, make sure you get what is being offered. There is currently a practice of 'hacking' these cheap imitation 'Ipods' to show more memory than they actually have. For instance, I recently purchased an 8GB Ipod clone. The details looked OK and the feedback was excelent. Once recieved however, things took a turn for the worse. On closer inspection, the player only has 2GB of storage space. Any mp3's uploaded over the 2GB are unplayable and an error is displayed on screen.

My advise to anyone who is tempted to buy one of these 'Chi-pods', Dont! If you want an MP3 player that you can rely upon, buy one from a well known manufacturer.

For those of us that have purchased one of these Chi-pods, there is a useful link to format the memory to the correct size and allow you to play all of your music stored on the device. To find this click here and check out the comment by des7064

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