Close Your Account Scam

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What Happened:

My phone suddenly rang early on a Saturday morning. Luckily, I have been long awake.
The man on the other line identified himself as 'working for Ebay.' He told me that my account has been compromised!
Apparently somebody has got ahold of my Ebay details and is now on a shopping spree. He said that lots of different items has been bought on my account.
Because of this, he 'advised' that I should close my account.
Then he respectfully hanged up.
His number was masked. An unknown number.

What I Did:

I checked my Ebay account. Everything seems to be fine. There has been no extra things that has been bought that I am not aware of.
I contacted Ebay through chat. After a short wait, they confirmed that they did not contact me! Furthermore, they told me that my account hasn't been compromised to any third parties. I was advised to just ignore the call.


It seems pointless for a scammer to advise me to close my account. He would clearly not gain anything from it.
But then I check again my account and I realise something. I have been buying something in bulk. The seller has marked it as dispatched yet it is still not delivered past its supposed delivery date. He also hasn't left any tracking number. So I asked Ebay to step in through a resolution centre.
When I contacted the seller his only response was: "Hello, are you there?"  A few minutes later I got the scam call.
If I gave in and closed my account, the seller would have gotten my money since he has marked it as dispatched and there is no way I can pursue the resolution centre if my account was closed.
I checked the sellers reputation before I bought, he got 1 negative feedback for not sending the said item. I thought it was fine since he was selling more than 60 of them, at the price of $30+ each and everything was almost sold out. i can just imagine the amount of money he gets if everyone of the buyers closed their accounts.
I don't have any other current purchase of more than $50 aside from this item.
as this is only a suspicion, I will not be posting the seller's name nor the item.

What to do:

We all take risks when buying. We come here to Ebay because at this site that risk is greatly decreased. However, scammers are getting more intelligent at the moment.
So what should you do when somebody rings you and tells you that you should close your account:
  • Don't panic. That is the first rule. Even if that is true that your account might have been compromised, Ebay holds checks to this scenario, Paypal always puts money on pending for a few days.
  • Don't try to ring back the number that just called you. If it is not a private number, copy it.
  • Check your Ebay account. See if something is amiss.
  • Contact Ebay. This is very important. Go to the website, click on the customer support. You can ask them to ring you or you can wait in line to be able to chat with them. They exist there for a reason. Give them the number that rang you if were able to get it.
Aside from that, keep on being safe. Enjoy buying and if suspicious, the first thing to do is always contact Ebay before doing anything drastic.
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