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Clothing Sizes from China

As you may have noticed there is a lot of purchases you can buy from China/Hong Kong on EBay. One of the big things I've found is that sizes are not what they seem. In the past I have purchased item that say they are a large but in fact are they are really more like a small to medium. This is not helpful when you have to wait so long for the product. If you find yourself looking at items like this you really need to measure yourself and look at the measurements given for the product. If these are not given then just message the supplier before buying as the last thing you want is for it to be too small and you have to pay to get it shipped back (which won’t be cheap). Hips, Bust and waist are your 3 main areas you need to measure. The size guides given by the supplier may not be that accurate so do not take that as being the correct size for you. You will be best doing this for most clothing which will make sure the item fits you when it arrives. You will also find this will be the same for men and woman’s clothing. If measuring on a man you will need to measure chest and waist.
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