Clothing Sizes

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In one week I have bought 2 items on eBay where the seller had incorrectly stated the size of the garment.

1. A trouser suit, advertised as a size 16 when in fact the trousers are a size 18 and far too big.

2. A lovely coat, advertised as a size 14 when the label quite clearly states it's a size 12.

As you can imagine if you've ever bought clothes on eBay, it is extremely disappointing and dare I say irritating to buy something in good faith only to find that the seller hasn't taken the trouble to check their facts. I now have 2 disputes going on which I could well do without! Hopefully these will be resolved amicably but who needs it?

If you're going to sell clothes on eBay, make sure you check the size on the labels. If there aren't any labels then measure it! That way you avoid getting unpleasant emails from your customers and you avoid the time and expense of resolving unecessary problems. If you're buying clothes I strongly suggest you get the seller to confirm the size before you commit! I certainly shall from now on in.


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