Cloudy Molton Brown Products

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It is a terrible shame that some people are selling fake MB on Ebay and we are right to be cautious and look out for any signs that have been listed.  However, I did buy some handwash recently at the MB outlet at Bicester which was slightly cloudy.  I hadn't noticed this but when I took it to the till the assistant pointed out that it was a bit cloudy and explained that too much air was put into the product during the production process.  I bought it anyway, it was a good price, and it hasn't affected the performance of the product.  So, the product just being cloudy on it's own, with none of the other signs, may mean that someone has bought products from the outlet centre for resale, but they are genuine.  I didn't see any packaging with spelling errors or different printing though, so please be wary if you spot these and report them.  
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