Clumping Cat Litter OKO Plus & Nature Gold

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I would no longer buy or recommend this litter

This used to be a really good litter, up until my last purchase in October 2012. It clumped well, and although not the cheapest, it was economical as the clumps could be scooped and flushed or composted, leaving the rest of the litter in the tray, only needing to be topped up from time to time with a complete change when necessary, which wasn't too often. It tracks but then they all do. I preferred the Nature Gold as it is in pellet form and is less messy.

Now, the reason I will not buy it any more. I bought my last bag of OKO Plus Cats Best in October. It NO LONGER CLUMPS. You see the little clump in the tray, but on scooping, it disintegrates into wet dust and falls back into the tray. You are left with a tray of soggy mush and a lot of dust at the bottom of the tray. The whole point of clumping litter is to enable you to scoop the clumps and flush, or compost or bin them, saving the rest of the litter in the tray, nice and dry and re-usable.

I have not recently bought the Nature Gold but from a search on the internet it has also dropped in quality so will not be buying it again unless the quality is improved.

There are plenty of unhappy customers out there due to this change, a search on the internet will confirm it........

These litters should not be sold as clumping litters, as they no longer clump.

I have now bought Worlds Best to try instead.

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