Cockatiels : Beaphar XtraVital Cockatiel food

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Cockatiels : Beaphar XtraVital Cockatiel food

About six years ago, I invested in a new feathery friend called Cory. Bright and sociable, Cory quickly became the apple of my eye. Brought at a pet shop for a measly thirty pounds, he was a sassy little fella with bags of personality. Cory liked attention and became amorous with his blanket, so I brought wifey Katie for his company. The two have an inseparable bond.

About four months after I had brought Cory home, the pet shop he once called home caught fire and most of the birds and rodents died of smoke inhalation. Cory is probably alive today because I chose him as one of my companions, and I wouldn't be without the little monster. Even though he flicks seeds at me and sometimes get's the dratted things in my food and drink.

At first, I decided to feed him on a diet of seed from Wilkinsons and some fresh fruit and veg. He didn't eat any of the fresh stuff, even though I persisted for years. Now, six years in - I had to abandon the Wilkinsons mix because he needed more nutrients in his diet.  I was afraid my birds weren't getting everything they needed, so I turned to a different source for an alternative and found them on Ebay.

I decided to try a new brand, called Beaphar XtraVital Cockatiel Food. For a fussy bird like my little man, it has loads of good stuff packed into it - including Echinacea - a plant extract that boosts the immune system. It also has a mixture of up to twenty-six different seed and also contains egg supplement.

I have been feeding both Cory and Katie this seed mixture for the last seven months, and they really enjoy it. Although both birds are very suspicious of anything fresh - this seeded mix has gone down very well. Its more expensive than the Wilkinsons mix, but it is much better quality.  I have noticed my birds noisier and brighter as a result, and generally a lot happier and healthier.

I'd definitely recommend the more expensive Beaphar mix, even though it is more costly. My babes are worth the extra money, and I still get a great deal when buying the food in bulk.
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