Coconut Oil

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The many uses of Coconut Oil for Health and Beauty

I have found Coconut Oil to be an amazing find.  I read a book years ago about the health benefits of Coconut Oil and was amazed to find that Coconut Oil is not only beneficial to health but it has many uses for beauty purposes as well.  I have myself used Coconut Oil for dry skin, dry lips, dry hair, to help thicken hair, to remove makeup, cuticle oil, body lotion, for healthy teeth and gums as it is a natural antibacterial.  It makes great cream for scars and stretch marks.

The uses of this amazing oil are numerous.  My Mum suffers from very nasty dandruff and her hair becomes so much better and less dry when she has Coconut Oil in her hair and leaves it in to soak through the night whilst sleeping for the Oil to really get into the scalp the results and amazing.

I have used Coconut Oil on my own split ends and on my face and body on numerous occasions and I find it really amazing it make my skin so soft and it really helps with fine lines and wrinkles.  

I do actually eat Coconut Oil as well as it is very versatile and you can cook with it as it melts at room temperature and you can use it as we use olive oil or vegetable oil to cook with.  It is actually very similar to butter on toast although it does smell of coconut but its not overpowering coconut.  The types of fat in Coconut Oil are really good for us and help to boost the metabolism which is an added bonus.  This is an amazing natural resource.
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