Coconut Oil, choosing the right one...

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Premium Quality Certified Organic Coconut Oils

Certified Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is deliciously light and creamy with the natural aroma and taste of fresh coconuts.  It is not hydrogenated, refined, bleached or deodorised.  Raw extra virgiin coconut oil is cold pressed at less than 38 degrees so is considered “raw coconut oil” and is suitable for raw food diets.  Raw oil should have very little aroma.  If a strong coconut aroma is present it often indicates the oil have been heated and toasted.

To produce great tasting raw organic extra virgin coconut oil PINK SUN start by growing the finest organic coconuts in tropical Sri Lanka.  These organic coconuts are harvested at the optimal time when the coconuts are bursting with oil.  The organic coconuts are then husked and the raw coconut meat (white inner part) is separated from the hard shall which is recycled as bio-fuel.  The raw coconut meat is then carefully dried, cold pressed and filtered to release a rich and light pure extra virgin coconut oil. 

The extra virgin coconut oil is then sealed in glass or non leaching HDPE containers to retain its freshness and taste.  HDPE plastic is the only plastic considered safe for food packing purposes.

Organic coconut oil is produced without harmful pesticides or genetically modified organisms.  PINK SUN Extra Virgin Coconut Oil has been certified organic by the Soil Association and is non GM.  With a melting point of 18-24 degrees you will find organic coconut oil remains in its solid state for most of the year in the UK. 

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