Coilover suspension kits

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Coilovers - How do they work?

A Coilover is a performance height adjustable suspension system that can be used on a road or track car. Height adjustable coilover suspension has been around for about 25 years and is an easy and convenient way of lowering your car, improving the handling and firming up the ride quality. Coilover suspension kits allow you to choose the ride height of your vehicle. Coilovers will lower your car from 30mm on the highest setting to just over 90mm on the lowest setting.
Adjusting the ride height is easily done via an adjustable platform mounted on the body of the shock absorber. Height adjustment can easily be adjusted ‘on car’ by simply jacking the car up, taking the weight off the suspension strut then winding the collar up to higher the vehicle, or down to lower the vehicle. Measuring each corner with a tape measure ensures you have the same ride height front to back. There are infinite levels of adjustment, so creating the perfect stance is easy. The damping level has been increased by approximately 25-30% which reduces body-roll but has been kept to a satisfactory level so as not to spoil the ride quality of the car. The ride will be firmer but not too hard

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