Coin Forgeries - Good, Bad & Indifferent..

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Unfortunately there are many such coins now for sale on Ebay. The majority are easy to identify for even those with limited knowledge.

Recently. There have been a spate of copies coming from China & old eastern bloc countries. You can look for US Morgan Dollars, seated liberty types etc that are obviously copies from China, or purporting to be from the UK. In themselves they are excellent, however, they are just junk. They have a lower starting price of a few pounds but a large postage of £15. They tend to be S & CC mints, that says it all.. When questioned the seller said to be that they are 'genuine as you can see from the pictures'. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

The other series coming from the old Russian states are Roman Denarii, often of rare types & in the very best condition, its quite obvious what they are. But I have seen one of Otho that was worn & much harder to ID as a copy. Again the seller gives the usual response by avoiding the question you put as to authenticity, or asks you for your opinion!! STAY AWAY.

More recently, Denarii & some Greek coins, have been purposely worn and patinated. There is no substitute for experience via handling coins, but you must take care if you are not sure -  then simply leave alone. These coins are now appearing for sale in the UK sourced from Eastern Europe in the main.

(Added jan 2010) Recently there have been a number of superb copies of English hammered, milled  & Greek, Roman coins. These are quite superb, in the main they have been sold by 1 seller under various names. ( i cannot give them out annoyingly) They are of high standard and very convincing. However, they are not silver so testing this should be done immediately. Its digusting that these sellers are allowed to continue despite reporting in a continual basis. If you need advice you are welcome to contact me..
(June 2016)
Since I originally wrote these notes the volume of forgeries has become an absolute menace. there rae a huge number of copies of ancient coins for sale. Sadly many are now being re-circulated in England from their original manufacturers abroad. One consistant UK seller mixes in forgeries with genuine coins - but you will see the SAME coin being sold many times with different patinas , cracks, no cracks etc etc. Selling point is always 'British Found'
Far too many people have been drawn in on forgeries. Myself, well I now find a situation were I will simply pass on a coin if I am unsure. Its all gone to the dogs. Look at Forum Ancient Coins - Fake coin reports...
I hope this helps some folk keep their money for other things.

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