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What to look out for

My partner is big on warner toys, the harder to find the better but i'm always concerned there are too many scammers out there looking to make a quick buck on our misfortune of buying fakes.

The first thing you need to do is read the description, never just assume because the photo's look good that the item must be ok, often cracks, creases and missing parts are listed by genuine sellers but aren't always visible on poorly shot photos.

Next make sure it's marked, if it came from warner bros before they closed down in the UK or from the US it should be marked, normally on the bottom in larger items like mugs and ornaments and on the back on prints, badges and the like but others come with markings too, check online for where a mark should be.

What to ask

If for any reason an item isn't marked or you can't see it on the photo's, ask.
Any genuine seller should be willing to help get a higher price for their item and if proving it's authenticity is a way of doing that a polite message to get a photo should always be welcome.

Ask if the item is stamped, what year and if you can have a photo of it, if the seller doesn't answer or refuses to answer/help then don't bid, no matter how much you want an item safe buying is always better than buying fake.

Who to trust

We'd like to think everyone on eBay is real but sadly that's not the case and sometimes we get stung but don't let one bad experience ruin your time on eBay, if it seems to good to be true then trust your gut, don't buy if it's too risky and you can't afford to buy again if things go wrong but don't hold back for the sake of having a little faith if all seems in order. 

Feedback, Feedback, Feedback

Always check the feedback, it's there to keep us safe, check the most recent and if/when any bad feedback was left and what for, don't assume all bad feedback means a bad seller, sometimes a bad feedback can be left for a customer not receiving an item but a full refund might of been given and the reason could simply be that the delivery company lost the item.
Also leave as much feedback as you can, we all want to read previous experiences to know we are buying from a reliable seller so we all need to leave feedback to make that happen.

Happy eBaying :)
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