Collecting Ancient Coins

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  If you are looking for information about collecting coins, you have come to the right place.
  Most people think that collecting coins is only for the rich, but believe me, you will find collectors from all genders, nationalities, ages and income groups..
Yes, it is true that Collecting Coins is known as the "Hobby of Kings"!.
There have been many rich and famous coin collectors throughout history, including kings and several United States Presidents. But for every rich and famous person in this world who collects coins there are many more everyday folks just like you and me who are also collectors.

  Let us be your Coin Collecting Guide as you begin your historical journey through the world of beautiful and interesting coins.

  All it takes is the willingness to learn new things.
I got started collecting coins like lots of folks, I imagine. I just happened across an unusual coin and I was curious about it, so I stuck it away so I wouldn't spend it.
Almost everyone has a "special" coin that they hold on to for some reason or another.

  I've been dealing in coins and collectibles for over 15 years, so I'm drawing on a vast amount of observation and experience to try and help your hobby be as rewarding as it can be.  I purposely used the word "hobby" to bring up my first point.  The biggest mistake I see people make when they begin to collect coins is their motivation.  Far too many people that I've dealt with "collect" coins because they perceive them as a good investment.  Notice that even the sentence itself sounds contrary.  Collecting is not about how much your items are worth or their future value, collecting is about a passion for something that has a deeper meaning to the collector and his/her peers.  Not only does this approach pervert the whole idea of collecting, but it always leads to the buyer quitting.  If you're looking for an investment, call your financial planner, not your coin dealer. 
   Store and handle your coins properly.  There is no worse feeling than to find out you've ruined your treasured collection.  Don't store your coins in the damp musty basement.  If you keep them in a safe, go get some silica gel to keep them dry.  Even if you don't spend a lot of money on your coins, you aren't collecting them just to see them destroyed. 
   Share your collection with others.  I'm lucky enough to have two boys that I can share my collecting interests with.  Honestly I think they could care less about coins, but there's nothing like watching their eyes light up when Dad has some special time to spend with them.  If you aren't fortunate enough to have kids, share with your friends.  Share them with your spouse/partner.  Share them with your co-workers.  Yes you're going to get your fair share of "You paid $50 for a coin?!?!".  All of us have.  But where's the joy in sitting in a closed room alone hunched over a desk like some sort of Scrooge obsessing over your coins?  In case you're new to collecting, I'll give you a perfect analogy.  I love to play golf.  I have for years.  The feeling of being on the course on a bright sunny day with two or three buddies is my perfect drug.  But on those rare occasions when I have some time to myself, I never play golf.  Without friends to share the experience with, it just isn't much fun.  You'll find it's the same with collecting. 
   I hope you found this guide to be helpful, if not at least a little entertaining.  I could probably come up with some more ideas, but I was afraid if I made this too long people wouldn't bother to read it.  If enough people find it helpful, I'll try and write another one and add to it.  Or maybe cover a different subject.  Thanks for spending your time with me. 

Andrew J Burton
London, England
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