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Collecting Blackmore's Night:The Music.

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Collecting Blackmore's Night:The Music.
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If you want to collect all the official BLACKMORE'S NIGHT music, studio & live & variations. This guide should help.


Shadow Of The Moon(BMG/Japan/1997) 15 tracks, plus Japanese only bonus track version of 'Minstrel Hall'.

Shadow Of The Moon(USA/UK reissue) 15 tracks same as Japan, plus US only & UK reissue bonus track 'Possum's Last Dance'.

Under A violet Moon(1999) 16 tracks, no variations.

Fires At Midnight(SPV/2001) All 3 versions 16 basic tracks. European version - Ltd velvet box Ed. plus 'Possum's Last Dance' & 'The Times They Are A Changin' - CD Extra video track. Japanese(Pony Canyon) version - plus 'Sake Of A Song' bonus track.  USA version - plus 'Sake Of A Song'(not actualy listed) & 'The Times They Are A Changin' - CD Extra video track.

Past Times With Good Company(SPV/2002)(2CD) 15 basic tracks. European Ltd Ed. version features 2 extra bonus tracks 'Fires At Midnight'- live acoustic version & 'Home Again'- Greek studio version. Japanese(Yamaha) release plus 'Memmigen'(live version).

Ghost Of A Rose(SPV/2003) European version Ltd Ed. Digi Pack - 15 tracks plus 2 bonus tracks - 'Mid Winter's Night' (live acoustic version) & 'Way To Mandalay' (Radio Edit). Japanese(Yamaha) release - 15 tracks plus 'Just One Minute' bonus track.

All For One: The Finest Collection Of Blackmore's Night(Japan/Yamaha/2004) 15 track compilation including 'All Because Of You' (New Remix) & 'Once In A Million Years' (a new song) & 'Way To Mandalay' promotional clip.

Beyond The Sunset: The Romantic Collection(SPV/2004) (CD Album/CD single/DVD) European compilation including the same 'Once In A million Years' Japanese track, plus 2 new re-recordings - 'Ghost Of A Rose' & 'Now & Then'.  3 track CD single included 'Christmas Eve' + 2. The DVD included 5 live songs. When this was originaly released of the 22 songs included 11 were previously unreleased. The 3 Christmas songs are now available on 'Winter Carols'.

Village Lantern (SPV/2006) European 2 CD Ltd Ed. CD1 : 14 tracks/ CD2 : 2 tracks  'Call It Love' & 'Street Of Dreams' (featuring Joe Lynn Turner & Candice Night) + CD extra video part (Village Lantern interview + Castles & Dreams DVD trailer).

Village Lantern (Japan/R+C Ltd/2006) 16 tracks including all 14 from European CD1 plus Japan only bonus track 'Once In A Garden' & 'Street Of Dreams' (Joe Lynn Turner & Candice Night version previously mentioned).

Winter Carols(AFM/2006) 12 tracks - no variations.

Paris Moon (SPV/2007) 11track CD album plus DVD.

Secret Voyage (SPV/2008) 12 tracks plus bonus video 'Village Lantern'.

Autumn Sky (Universal/2010) 15 tracks plus bonus track for Japan only - 'Gottlische Devise'.

CANDICE NIGHT solo album 'Reflections'(2011).

CD SINGLES with variations unavailable else where.

Shadow Of The Moon(Radio Edit)(plus 2 off album) (Edel/1997).

No Second Chance(Radio Edit) (plus 2 off album).(Edel/1997)

Wish You Were Here(Radio Edit) (plus 2 off album) (Edel/1997)

The Times They Are A Changin (SPV/2001)( plus 'Sake Of A Song' a non album track in Europe & 'The Times They Are A Changin' - CD extra video clip.

Home Again (Edited version)/Waiting Just For You(remixed version)/All Because Of You(remixed version)/Home Again(album version) (SPV/2002/Charity single, in aid of the Red Cross to help people affected by the floods in Eastern Germany and the Czech Republic)

All Because Of You(Radio Romantic Mix/Regenwald Mix/album versions) (SPV/2004)

Christmas Eve(Radio Edit/album version) (SPV USA/2004)

Olde Mill Inn (German language version & album version) (SPV/2006)

CANDICE NIGHT solo single : Alone With Fate/Call It Love (Minstrel Hall/2002).


Beyond The Sunset : The Romantic Collection. (SPV/2004) 5 live songs on DVD, plus CD album & CD single.

Castles & Dreams(SPV/2005) (2DVD) 23 track concert/promo videos/interviews/TV appearances/plus other select live performances/documentaries.

Paris Moon (SPV/2007) (DVD includes 20 track concert plus short documentary/plus a CD)


Shadow Of The Moon : Behind The Music( 3 music videos/interviews/Bamboozler/guitar collection) (1997) approx. 42 mins.

Shadow Of The Moon : Live In Germany 97/98. (15 songs) (1999) approx. 70 mins.

Under A Violet Moon : Castles Tour 2000. (12 songs) (2002) approx. 67 mins.

Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night met in 1989 after a charity football match in New York.  Candice (then Isralow) worked for a Long Island Radio Station.  She was born on May 8th 1971 in Hauppage, Long Island, USA.  Just 26 years younger than Ritchie Blackmore born on April 14th 1945 in Weston-super-Mare, England.  Candice took singing and acting lessons as a child and did modelling and piano study as a teenager (at which time she changed her surname to Night), and went to college to study communications at 18, which led to her work at the radio station. 

After the Deep Purple Mk2 25th Anniversary Reunion of 1993, Blackmore quit Purple for good.  He then took the reported $2million (for a solo album) he'd been given to let Gillan back into Deep Purple, and recorded the Rainbow 'Strangers In Us All' album.  Candice also contributes backing vocals and writing credits to the album.  She also did backing vocals on the tour.  In 1996 Ritchie and Candy started to record acoustic demos for an album 'Medieval Moons And Gypsy Dances'.  This on release became 'Shadow Of The Moon' (April 1997)(also including a guest appearance by Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull).  All that remained for Rainbow was 1 final concert headlining the 2nd and final night of the Esbjerg Festival in Denmark on May 31st 1997.  

Blackmore's Night made their live debut in Tokyo on November 2nd at the Nakano Sunplaza Hall.  There followed another 7 Japanese shows on the tour.  Before playing Spain and Germany.  By 1999 Blackmore's Night opened their tour in Sofia, Bulgaria.  Of the 2 nights in the capital the second was filmed by Bulgarian TV, and a hour broadcast.  Finally by May 2000 they played their debut concert tour of Britain.  Later that year Canyon Classics released Ritchie Blackmore's personal favourite classical selection as 'Ritchie Blackmore Impressions And Reflections For Classical Selections'.  In the New Year of 2001, Ritchie flew to London to be by the side of his ill father, who didn't recover.  A new record deal with SPV was signed in 2001.  Contained on the 'Fires At Midnight' album that year was the song 'Again Someday' for Ritchie's father.  By 2004 they had become SPV's biggest selling artist after 3 more albums.  In 2005 Blackmore's Night contributed the music to the 'Magiquest' theme parks, released in June on CD as 'The Music Of Magiquest', only available from 'Magiquest'.  They have theme parks in North America and Japan.  It included 5 variations of previously recorded Blackmore's Night songs.  Blackmore's Night's 'Loreley' was used as a TV series theme song, released on soundtrack CD in 2007.

On October 5th 2008 Ritchie and Candy got married at the Castle on the Hudson Hotel in Long Island, USA.  The June 2008 released 'Secret Voyage' album was still in the Top 10 Billboard New Age Charts, having spent 8 weeks at No.1, and carried on to over 80 plus weeks into 2009 !  And then on May 27th 2010, Autumn Esmerelda Blackmore, Ritchie and Candy's daughter was born.  They dedicated their new album, 'Autumn Sky' released later that year to their baby daughter.

Thanks to Jerry Bloom Editor of More Black than Purple The Ultimate Ritchie Blackmore Magazine, PO Box 155, Bedford, MK40 2YX. ENGLAND.        

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