Collecting Postcards Want tips on where to start??

Like if this guide is helpful


  1. What sort of postcards do I want to collect? e.g.  I want to collect postcards  about motor racing                                                                                   
  2. Can I  more tightly define this?  e.g. I want to collect postcards about F1 Racing.
  3. Do I want to collect all postcards  with a time frame in mind?  e.g.  collecting postcards  printed from 1980 onwards. or only collect postcards manufactured  up to 1960
  4. Do I want to collect postally unused or postally used ones?  (this may change the value or price of the postcard  quite a lot)  e.g. I want to collect unused postcards.
  5. Are there any connecting subjects which might be a spin off?   e.g. I want to collect postcards showing  F1 Drivers and tracks around the world also.
  6.  How am I going to store them? e.g. Albums/ plastics slips/ storage boxes/
  7. Can I update my collection easy?  If your postcards are in plastic slips, you can always add more into your collection than if placed in an album (some albums may or may not have changeable pages).
  8. Condition?  Some people are very fussy about condition - if you are a beginner this might not be so important . Generally the better condition they are the more they will cost you.
  9. Do I really want to specialise in this area? - e.g. collect all the possible different printings which exist of one postcard
  10. How am I going to buy them?   Auction, ebay, going to stamp/postcard fairs  

One very good tip;  If you buy postcards in bulk /collections  they are cheeper and you can always sell your duplicates on ebay. 



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