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An important aspect of maintaining a comic book collection is buying and selling your comic books. This is also hazardous part of the process, so you need to think carefully. If you rush in to buying a comic with out doing research and background checking, then you may get a suprise when the comic you get is not what you thought is was or not what you thought it is worth, there are a few goodways of checking and prepairing when looking at buying comic books. The first is to buy good quality and possibly more expensive comic books that will retain their value in the long term and go up in price. The other is to buy current popular comics and sell them on quickly for a profit.

Old does not always equil valuable. . Old, sought after, and in pristine condition are the things to look out for a wise investment. Tatty and poor condition comics can  still equal cash though.

Ebay is on of the largest online auction site you can find comics on.  There are a lot of great deals and items on here & one of the most popular places to buy and sell comic books.

Before buying its always worth checking out as price guide site such as comicspriceguide.
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