Commercial espresso coffee machines - BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!

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If you're considering bidding on a commercial espresso coffee machine for your business be warned!

These machines are nearly always subject to the laws regarding "pressure vessels". The pressure vessels act requires that machines like this are regularly inspected and tested to ensure that they are safe for your staff and customers!

Make sure you get a current certificate for the machine and ask to see the "written scheme" - a kind of log that states what has been done to the machine and when service is expected.

New machines should come with a "certificate of conformity" stating that the build quality exceeds standards set by the European comunity plus information about test pressures etc to help inspectors when they call to see your equipment.

With hundreds of manufacturers making an ever increasing number of models you should also consider the spares situation and back-up.

Other machines that can fall under the pressure vessels act regulations include compressors, dry cleaning equipment, steam ovens... if you're not sure check!

It's also important to make sure that your insurance covers any problems that might occur, let your comany know that you are using a "pressurised vessel" in the form of an espresso coffee machine or whatever.

Obviously, electricity, water, high temperatures and pressure are a potent mix, make sure you and your staff are safe and secure.

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