Con men selling cars for buy it now prices

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 This is a brief guide to warn you buyers looking for a new car to help make sure that you are aware of a new breed of dodgy sellers out there.

 When searching for your new car on here beware of listings which only allow pre-approved bidders or ask for direct email contact outside of Ebay usually to a Hotmail or Yahoo address as these people are after your money usually sent through a non secure method such as Western Union.

 I found my first auction scam a couple of weeks ago whilst searching for an Audi S3, but have since seen loads mainly advertising high class cars (Audi's, BMW,s Mercs) that the seller doesn't even own with pictures that may well have been taken of a nice car that they saw outside somebody elses house.

 The old phrase of "If it seems to good to be true" etc certainly does apply, but the buy it now prices that these auctions are after are just blantanly under value and unrealisticly cheap, but they only need to con 1 person out of a few grand to make it worth their time as it doesn't cost them a penny.

 Personally speaking I would never buy a car without seeing it first, but I guess these guys are working under the guise of selling cars to order for them to warrant asking for the money up front with using the low price as the carrot to keep you interested.

 The simple warning just like the DVLA and Police always say is, NEVER PAY UNLESS THE V5 (LOGBOOK) IS BEING HANDED OVER TO YOU as you are not the owner of a car until you have the torn strip of the logbook (plus a reciept with the sellers confirmed details is a good idea).

 If you come across these auctions (many which have a starting price of 1p) then I urge you to report them to Ebay using the form at


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