Concert tickets - A Robbie Williams victim

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I'm aware that there are number of people who have been ripped off by people 'selling' tickets for concerts which they do not actually possess, although they state that they are awaiting delivery of them, and that - despite eBay's policy that nothing can be auctioned that cannot be dispatched within 30 days - they continue to dupe people into parting with their money for something that they probably will never have in their possession.

My own particular sob story concerns the parting of £200 for two Robbie Williams concert tickets, originally for Wembley but re-arranged for Milton Keynes.  I paid for them in February of this year and, yes you've guessed it, they did not appear, despite some pretty frantic emailing.  As one of the other eBayers to comment on this particular problem so succinctly put it 'honesty is the word'.

How wonderful it would be if we could believe that the person who ripped me off for £200 had an honest bone in his body.  He, or she, doesn't know me from Adam and has no way of knowing how great was the sacrifice of a £200 loss and the anguish it caused my wife, for whom the tickets were purchased.

I have no intention of discussing any further my own loss but I feel I have a duty to help others avoid the same fate.  The answer is painfully simple: Trust no-one with your money.  Ensure that, if you do pay for something that is costing you a fair amount of money, that it is within 30 days of expected delivery so that you can at least break down the door of eBay and ask them to sort it out and if they can't, as is most surely the case, that some recompense will be coming your way due to the amount of money lost.

There must be a right killing to be made by the unscrupulous who prey on those not fully aware of eBay rules, although eBay must accept some responsibility for allowing people to trade in this way, but it is up to all of us to give them no further opportunity to carry on with what is nothing less than theft.

Finally, I did actually attempt to get somewhere with retrieving at least some of the money I lost but this entails you going through the usual knockbacks from eBay and eventually you will be told to contact the police who will require you to produce a wealth of information - namely all the correspondence that has occurred between you and the seller, which is great if you are also aware that eBay trashes everything after 60 days.  If you did not bother to save all your correspondence now might be a good time to start thinking about doing it, particularly if there is a lot of money involved.  So much for honesty, eh!


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