Connect your N95 to Flickr

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The Nokia N95 is a dual slide design model that raises the bar on all of it's features.  The camera is a 5.0 megapixel that has Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, and a secondary CIF videocall camera. 

The built in GPS navigation feature has an installed map application that covers over 100 countries.  Other key attributes include a touch screen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, push-to-talk, and EDGE data.     

Just follow the steps below to hook your N95 into your Flickr account.

1. Set up:

  1. Go to "Gallery" → "Images & Video"
  2. Choose "Options" → "Open Online Service"

2. Select service:

     1. Choose "Create New Flickr Account"

3. Create the new account:

    "You need to login with the username and password"

  1. Enter an "Account Name" (this is a name for your reference, free text)
  2. The "Service Provider" is Flickr
  3. Enter your username and password (as above)
  4. Choose an image size for uploads (optional)

4. Connect to the Flickr Service:

  1. Say "Yes" (you'd like to retrieve the service)

5. Done!

Now you can send photos from your N95 straight to Flickr.

For more information please visit the Flickr website.

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