Considerations Before Purchasing a Fiat Panda

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Fiat Panda is a city car from the Italian car manufacturer. The company has been making this vehicle since 1980. Even it its third generation, this car continues to be popular, so you can find many available to choose from. However, if you wish to buy a Fiat Panda, first learn about the common areas to consider before making a purchase.


Choose the Fiat Panda Generation

The Fiat Panda has evolved significantly since its first model, the Panda Type 141. When choosing a Fiat Panda, selecting the car generation is typically the first consideration, depending on whether you want an older or newer model. First generation Fiat Pandas were in production from 1980 until 2003. The first Pandas are simple vehicles and this simplicity carries throughout the models, even after some mechanical improvements. The first generation is also rather practical. For instance, you can fold the rear seat flat and transform it into a bed. The company produced the second generation, Model 169, from 2003 until 2012. It is the so-called New Panda and these models are very different from the first generation. New Pandas have a style much like mini SUVs and mini MPVs, with taillights similar to those of Volvos. New Pandas are available with split rear seats, so they are often seat four. The third generation of Pandas from 2011 follows the architecture of the Fiat Mini platform.


Fiat Panda Engine Types

Most Fiat Pandas run on petrol, but you can also find a few model with diesel or even electric engines. Petrol engines are more fuel efficient on smaller cars, and you can find Panda models with engines ranging from 652 cc to 1.4-litres. Petrol cars are less expensive, but they depreciate more quickly than diesel cars, although the latter are typically more expensive to service. Electric engines, such as in Panda Elettra, may not provide the best performance in terms of speed, but these cars are environmentally friendly and suitable for urban environments. Some petrol engines, such as those in Fiat Panda Active Eco, aim to reduce emissions with increased fuel economy.


Fiat Panda Transmissions

You can find Fiat Pandas with automatic or manual transmissions. A manual gearbox requires you to change the gears yourself by engaging and disengaging the clutch and operating the gear selector. An automatic transmission does all the work for you, changing the gear ratios as the vehicle moves. Some Fiat Panda models also include a semi-automatic transmission that is similar to the manual transmission, but does not contain a clutch pedal, thus ensuring a smoother gear changing process. Choose the transmission type according to your skills as well as where you drive.

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