Contacting sellers

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I have been on ebay for a year or two now, and one problem that keeps cropping up is that many sellers make their payment address private.

I won't have a Paypal account (understandable with all the problems recently) so I have to send cheques, which is no problem, however I regularly get invoices etc that state [address not on file with ebay]. Which then means I have to chase up the seller in order to send payment, often waiting days for a response.

Sometimes there is an e mail address to contact, yet more often than not I get no response at all from the e mail.


I'm writing this to see if anyone else is fed up of having to chase up sellers for payment details. I'm also writing this to ask sellers to either put their address on file, or at least contact the buyer as soon as possible, with the relevant details - it shouldn't be up to buyers to have to send numerous messages to try to get the payment address!

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