Contemporary leather Sofa discounts

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When buying a leather sofa what is a reasonable amount of discount to be expected from a retailer?

Many companies will have year round ongoing sales. We all know who these companies are? The question is are these genuine discounts.

To offer an example The UKs biggest player will often advertise sofas at half price (Not possible) Then to take it one step further they will offer a 50% additional discount on the half price sofa ( Anyone who believes that these discounts are GENUINE wants committing)

So if a company are offering a 2,000 sofa at say 750.00, then beware......What you are actually getting is a sofa that should retail at 750.00 regardless of sales or discounts. That 2000 price tag is just a figment of the retailers imagination or they are trying to rip you off with the 2,000 price tag. 

If a retailer discounts a 2,000 sofa to 750.00 they are still realising a profit. So lets say they are making 20% of the 750.00 (most probably 100%) this means that should anyone have purchased at 2,000 then they have been absolutely ripped off!

House of Fraser stock a range called Linea (manufactured in China) They discount this range at half price twice a year at between 1000 and 1200. What a great discount!!!! No it is not. These sofas have a year long retail price of around 1200 - 1400 with most other retailers (although branded under different names). The biggest scam being that regardless of the Linea name tag they all come from the same factory in China.

In our experience 30% is the max you could ever offer as a sale discount (unless you have old stock to dispatch) 

This 30% would allow the retailer to make a profit. However, expecting a retailer to offer 30% all year round on legitimately prices sofas in not sustainable. A retailer has to make money and offering 30% year round would lead to most retailers going in to liquidation.

So, any company offering over 30% OFF is simply knocking you 40% or 50% or 60% OFF a sofa that has been artificially inflated by that exact discounted amount.

If you go to an independent retailer then check what the sofas are made from then simply do a web check of identical prices (Ensure that leather and internal components are identical as well as country of origin) 

Once you know the real price of the sofa that you want then this gives you a great point to start to barter with your local retailer.

You should expect up to 15% of non sale items if you are spending a substantial amount or 5-10% OFF single item purchases.

 Achieving this discount may be made easier by offering alternative methods of payments to the retailer such as BACS (this negates heft Credit Card fees for the retailer but you do lose the security that paying by CC brings)

At Vintage Leather Sofas we offer realistic prices for UK manufactured Vintage Leather Sofas. We are not as cheap as imported sofas but we are cheaper than all of our competitors simply because we manufacture. By doing a web search you will see that our sofas are priced correctly. 

To illustrate the validity of the over pricing and then discounting strategy outlined above then take a look at one of our competitors based in London (Shops in Birmingham, Manchester & St Albans) They offer a 41% discount on their range of Vintage Leather Sofas (UK Made) Yet once you deduct the 41% from their sofas they are still over 20% more expensive than our NON discounted sofas!

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