Coolermaster Cosmos Sports RC-1100 Case

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Upon receiving the package it firstly hit me who dauntingly big this product was. I was truly astonished, despite having done my homework on the product, when it is towering at nearly 0.60 meters even more so on a desk, you start to wonder whether it is too big. This leaves the question of where you can physically place this case. Despite its large exterior, the interior is not as big as you'd have thought, although it is perfectly adequate for both E-ATX and ATX factor motherboards. Installing an ATX motherboard, for example, means you only use a third of the interior space, meaning there is plenty of room for large components, but more importantly leaves lots of room for air to circulate making this case perfect for over clockers. This is emphasised by the case's construction. Made of Aluminium, the case is perfect for distributing excess heat. Heat, however, should not be a major concern as this case allows seven 120mm fans to be installed, although two of these must be installed onto 4-in-3 hard drive cases.  In addition to this,  a monster 200mm fan is  incorporated  into the side of the case, although a side panel window version is also available.

What really sets this case aside from the others are its little features. The patented quick-release fittings for the 5.25" bays (of which there are 10), for example, allow users to install or remove components with the click of a button. However, I have found it is advisable to also secure devices with screws as the design, although desirable, is not that functional.

Dust filters and the fact that the power supply sits at the bottom of the case, earns some of those lost points back. Furthermore, space at the top of the case easily allows a large radiator and water cooling system to be installed. The sheer size of the case also allows for a lot of case modding. As the mesh-like surface of the case is semi-translucent, this allows the user to place lights inside the case to really impress. The touch sensitive power-button and red-LED illuminated front panel, which has access to 4 USBs, Microphone, Headphones and a SATA port, all concealable behind a sliding door all offer a touch of elegance not found by your standard case.

Aesthetically the case is genius, although this is lost on some firstly because of the size of the product, but also because of those obscure handles on the top and bottom of the case. These, however, I find become essential when moving the case due to it's bulkiness and weight. It is worthy to note that when full, this case is really very heavy. The gun-metal finish and Black brushed aluminium are a striking combination that will turn many a head and an eye.

Overall despite a few lacking features, the lack of quick-release PCI expansion brackets being one of them, this case has a lot of potential that will have your friends staring at awe or staring in astonishment (as I was) at it's sheer size.  But if you're after the best of the best and you have a lot of money to throw away, then this really is a brilliant product.

I rate it at: 90%
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