Copying vinyl to MP3 or CD or DVD-A Transfer or copy.

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Ebay no longer allow any listings which enables an individual to copy his or her own vinyl to MP3, CD or DVD-A due to copyright infringement. The music industry has normally turned a blind eye to anyone who has bought a vinyl record who then wants to convert it to CD to play in the car. However, eBay is now clamping down on ALL listings which infringe copyright laws. There is no such thing in the UK as "Fair Use" when it comes to copying a music format.

In April 2009 I was offering a service on eBay whereby someone would send me their copy of a rare LP record and by using my "high end" equipment I would record it to DVD-A format (24bit 192kHz). I would return the record to them with a copy of the DVD-A. Even though I stated in the listing that it was for personal use only, eBay kept removing the listing.

If you require a vinyl LP to DVD-A or CD transcription service please go to my eBay ME page where you will find a link to my new website offering this service. My eBay ME page.

Below is the description that was in the eBay listing......

A well recorded analogue vinyl record played through a "high end" turntable system blows CD (only 16bit resolution and 44.1kHz sampling rate) out of the water. This is a statement of fact acknowledged by those few people in the hi-fi press (like Hi-Fi World magazine) who are not intimidated by the CD and MP3 industries advertising power (or those iPod corrupted journalists on the Gadget Show who think Dark Side of the Moon sounds better on an iPod than the vinyl version. Laughable, although they were using a budget turntable). DVD-A (24bit 192kHz) sounds better than CD (only 16bit 44.1kHz). This is also a statement of fact. A vinyl record played through a budget turntable, budget tonearm, budget cartridge, budget stylus, budget interconnects may not sound much better than CD or MP3. However, a "high end" turntable system (like mine described below) will retrieve every nuance and sound from the analogue grooves of a well recorded analogue vinyl record and will sound as near as possible to the "live" studio performance and will be superior in sound quality to CD or MP3.

I can offer a vinyl to DVD-A Transfer. LP to DVD Audio 24bit resolution 192kHz sampling rate stereo transcription.

If you have a rare and/or valuable vinyl record, every time you play it the music will be degraded due to slight wear by the stylus and possible damage by handling. Why not have it transcribed to one of the highest resolutions known to man and then you will never have to touch the vinyl again, just play the DVD-A as it should sound as superb as the original vinyl and potentially much better than CD, MP3 etc.

This transcription service is also ideal where the vinyl version of a recording is deemed superb and likely to be much better than the CD vesion (see the TAS HP List and the AS List for examples of superbly recorded, engineered and mastered vinyl records by clicking on the eBay ME symbol and then when on my eBay ME page go to my Favourite Links and click on either the HP List or AS List).

The record is cleaned on a Moth MKII wet/vacuum record cleaning machine until ALL debris have disappeared and then zapped with an anti-static gun.

The vinyl record is transcribed at a resolution of 32bit 192kHz through a Garraard 401 turntable on a 30mm treble layered Slatedeck type plinth with anti-vibration feet and spikes on a Sound Organisation wall mounted support, Ringmat 330 MKII, Evolution Parallel Tracking Air Bearing tonearm, Shure V15xMR cartridge and stylus, Mullard ECC82/83 valve phono preamplifier, Chord Chameleon Silver Plus interconnects, Russ Andrews mains cables, M-Audio Audiophile 192 high quality 113db soundcard, Cool Edit Pro sound editor software, studio quality DiscWelder DVD-A burning software. All for a neutral, uncoloured sound.

I play back my transcribed stereo DVD-A through a Denon DVD-2900, Mullard ECC82/83 valve preamplifier, Leak Stereo 20 Mullard valved power amp, Celestion Ditton 44 floorstanding speakers through DNM Reson cabling. When I want to hear surround sound, commercially produced DVD-A, SACD or CDs are played through a Denon AVR 2803 7.1 system (seven hi-fi quality speakers plus a sub-woofer).

Tick and hiss reduction is so, so time consuming (and will degrade the original sound) that it would probably be too costly to offer this service. Noise reduction, even 0.1%, degrades the music (although I do have the software if you want to pay extra for tick and click removal).

True lossless transcription. No lossy compression like MP3.

Do not be fooled by the quality of the CD recordings from USB type turntables (Eon, Teac etc) as they have inferior stylus, inferior cartridge, inferior tonearm, inferior turntable, inferior electrical components, inferior wiring and cabling. My replacement stylus alone costs 3 times as much as one of these complete CD copying turntables.

"......CD-R copies of vinyl often sound better than the remasters put out by the record companies themselves. I noticed this a while back and duly transcribed many of my LPs onto 70p CD blanks instead of paying £11.99......with superb sound quality. There are various reasons. A first pressing of a classic, analogue LP is a frighteningly high resolution music carrier...... The upshot of this is that a decent deck playing an original pressing (taken from the original master tapes) is second only to having the original master tape...... The innate warmth of an original analogue source complements digital's coldness......" Hi-Fi World magazine.

"......Audiophiles are not really interested in a High Definition video accompaniment to their music......therefore 2.0 channels is adequate......well mastered 24/96 stereo is more than good enough for most listeners - those who retain DVD-Audio capability can use 24/192......" Hi-Fi World magazine.

Only high quality DVD-R are used. I have a computer utility to ascertain which discs are the best for recording on.

The beauty of DVD-A (other than being one of the highest resolution carriers) is it may be playable on a DVD machine (everyone must have one by now but please check that yours can play DVD-R or DVD-A) albeit at a maximum 24bit 96kHz resolution. However, a dedicated DVD-A (192 kHz) play back machine through "high end" hi-fi equipment would be preferable.

I do not offer 5.1 surround sound as audiophiles normally prefer 192kHz stereo (surround sound is only 96 kHz sampling rate).

If you have a particular record which is not available on CD, SACD or DVD-A (or is available but not of a particularly high quality) which you would like transcribed please contact me. (Remember, some modern reissues may have been recently transcribed from the master tapes which are now showing signs of degredation. An original vinyl pressing maybe a more accurate recording of the performance than a degraded master tape or a poorly mastered CD, SACD etc). Once transcribed your original vinyl record and new DVD-A will be returned in high quality packing with adequate insurance.

This is for a basic transcription. Track 1 on the DVD-A is side 1 from the vinyl record. Track 2 of the DVD-A is side 2 from the vinyl record.. If you want each track from the vinyl record as a seperate track on the DVD-A then it is £1.00 extra for each track as it is so time consuming due to the vast size of the WAV files.

Due to the size of these WAV files (because of the very high resolution) only one LP can be transcribed and fit onto one DVD-R.

Below is a list of some of my records I have transcribed to DVD-A 24bit resolution 192kHz sampling rate and are for my own personal use and NOT for sale. These vinyl records never need to be played again thus protecting the vinyl from stylus wear and possible handling damage and they will, therefore, maintain or increase their current monetry and intrinsic value.

Led Zeppelin I First label. Turquoise lettering.

Led Zeppelin II First label.

Led Zeppelin III First label.

Led Zeppelin IV First label.

Pink Floyd; Dark Side of the Moon. First label. Solid blue triangle or prism.

Deep Purple; Shades of Deep Purple.

Jimi Hendrix; Axis: Bold as Love. First label with insert.

Jimi Hendrix; Are You Experienced. First label.

Jimi Hendrix; Band of Gypsies. First label.

King Crimson; In the Court of the Crimson King. First label.

Hawkwind; First album. First label.

Jeff Beck; Truth. First label.

Jethro Tull; This Was. First label.

John Mayall; Bluesbreakers. First label.

Pretty Things; Sorrow. First label






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