Cordless Strimmer Buying Guide

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Cordless Strimmer Buying Guide

A cordless strimmer is truly a wonderful device for trimming lawns. It is light, portable and extremely easy to operate. Not only is a cordless strimmer quiet, it is rather easy to start and hardly requires any kind of maintenance. Before purchasing a cordless strimmer, be aware of the selection criteria, so that a cordless strimmer that best suits the needs or requirements is bought.

Selecting the Right Cordless Strimmer

There are quite a few choices when it comes to cordless strimmers. However, it is essential to take into account the size of the lawn, personal preference and the main use of the strimmer. It is imperative to buy a cordless strimmer that best suits the needs and requirements. It is only then that it will be possible to get maximum performance from the strimmer. Nonetheless, there are many ways that can help to increase the efficiency of the strimmer and these include using the cordless strimmer properly and taking care of the device. Furthermore, do not neglect the safety aspect of the strimmer and take cautionary steps while making use of the equipment.


Choose between 2 types of shank, also known as a shaft. These include straight shank and curved shank.

Type of Shank


Straight Shank

This type of shaft has a better balance and a longer life. Thanks to its length, the strimmer is good for trimming under bushes, hedges and fences. A cordless strimmer with a straight shank is safer to operate, as it keeps the head away from the person.

Curved Shank

A strimmer with a curved shank is cheaper than a straight shank strimmer and is able to provide more power to the head. It is best used for trimming squared off areas in the garden and around flower beds. A curved shank strimmer is easily manoeuvrable and tends to weigh less, and hence, is more comfortable to operate.

Trimmer Line

Also, pay attention to the strimmer line. If the right kind of strimmer line is used, it will ensure increased dependability and efficiency. If the garden is small and requires low intensity trimming, a standard grade line is preferable. With a standard grade trimmer line, it will be possible to get optimal performance from the cordless strimmer. On the other hand, if the garden is big and the heavy patches of weeds and grass are to be trimmed, opt for commercial grade trimmer line. Regardless of the kind of trimmer line chosen, ensure that there is a spare spool handy, so that the spool can be replaced if the need arises, thus not having to stop the trimming midway.


Moreover, consider the height of the cordless strimmer. The height should be appropriate and must ensure comfortability while using the strimmer. There are also some strimmers that come with an extendable shaft; such types of strimmers are recommended if multiple users or members of a house will be using the same device. An extendable shaft allows a person to adjust the height of the strimmer based on their height.


Take into consideration the handle. A single handle would be just fine when operating a light device for a shorter duration of time. However, if intending to use the strimmer for long periods of time, it is best to have a second handle, as it will be easier to operate the device and keep it steady. Some cordless strimers have an extension to support the wrist, while others are available with an adjustable second handle.

Choosing an Electric or Petrol Cordless Strimmer

When purchasing a cordless strimmer, decide between an electric and a petrol model. The former is a more powerful device and uses a mix of oil and petrol. However, there are some petrol models available that do not require this mixture for effective functioning. On the other hand, cordless electric strimmers are ideal for small gardens, as they are not as powerful.

Strimmer Type




No need for petrol or gas and they are quieter, economical, light weight and easy to start.

Such a strimmer weighs less, but needs to be recharged after every use. Furthermore, the battery can operate for just 30 to 40 minutes and will need to be replaced to continue trimming. There is the option of choosing between a Ni-Cad and Lithium-ion battery for the cordless electric strimmer. Most people opt for a lithium-ion battery, as it weighs less, has consistent power output even as the battery runs down and has a longer lifespan than a N-Cad battery.


Ideal for cutting heavy growth, as it uses a trimming line with a larger diameter. Furthermore, the device usually has a dual trimmer and, hence, tends to cut faster. So, a user can finish the trimming of the lawn much faster when compared to other types of cordless strimmer.

Uses a mix of petrol and oil, and the device is noisy and emits smoke while in use. It usually has a pull starter and requires maintenance on and off. Some people may find them too bulky and heavy to handle comfortably. Buyers can opt for a 4-cycle engine that does not use a mixture of petrol and oil and, hence, the strimmer is less noisy and does not cause pollution.

Features to Consider While Buying a Cordless Strimmer

When buying a cordless strimmer, look into additional features that the strimmer may come with. Some of these features include the following:


Some models of cordless strimmer are available with wheels, which make it easy to move them around, especially on an uneven ground. Buying a cordless strimmer with wheels will help seniors maintain their lawn without getting tired and fatigued.


Some models can be converted into edgers. With these models, the user can rotate the head, so that the blade is in a vertical position and use the cordless strimmer as an edger. Using a cordless strimmer as an edger will allow the buyer to cut precise lines to give a uniform appearance.

Vegetation Guard

If a garden has a lot of flower beds that are not to be damaged while trimming, then opt for a vegetation guard. Such a guard will allow to trim just the grass and weeds, and not touch the bushes, flowers and plants.

See-through Fuel Tank

If selecting a petrol-run cordless strimmer, opt for a model that has a see-through or translucent fuel tank. This will allow to keep check on the fuel level without resorting to guesswork.

How to Buy a Cordless Strimmer on eBay?

One of the best sources online to buy cordless strimmer is eBay. It is possible to get in touch with authorised sellers and check a wide variety and models of strimmers. And, the ease and convenience of sitting at home and getting a useful device is what makes it worthwhile to use eBay to shop for a cordless strimmer. To locate a seller offering cordless strimmer on eBay, enter the phrase ‘cordless strimmer’ into the search option. If wanting to narrow down the search, use the Advanced option function. In case unable to find a seller or device, inform the eBay community about the requirements and within no time, the sellers will send in the emails listing out the details. It is best to opt for a local seller, as it will allow to check out the cordless strimmer in person and see whether the specifications are as per the requirements. Also, there will be no waiting for the delivery, as it is possible to pay the seller after checking the device and carry it home straight away. Above all, the eBay guarantee protects buyers, so that there should be nothing to worry about. However, never forget to ask relevant questions pertaining to the cordless strimmer and its performance, and also find out about the warranty. This will in case the strimmer malfunctions during the warranty period. It is possible to money back or a replacement, depending on the warranty that the seller offers. It is also good to find out who – the buyer or the seller – pays for the shipping, in case the strimmer is returned.


A cordless strimmer can make garden maintenance extremely easy and enjoyable. It is portable and easily manoeuvrable, depending on the model opted for. And, with additional features, trimming and edging can be done easily without causing stress and fatigue. However, to get maximum performance and efficiency from the cordless strimmer, carefully select a model based on therequirements and abilities to handle the strimmer.

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