Corset Choosing : Overbust or Underbust corset?

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Overbust styles will provide support in the bust, and bust enhancement, depending on how much you have to work with. The larger the cup size, the more enhanced the bust will appear. Smaller cup sizes tend only to be compressed by styles cut straight across the bust, and padded cup styles are recommended for added enhancement. 

Underbust styles primarily focus on the waist region, offering no support in the bust. They may be paired with a well fitting bra, if the waist is the only area of concern. Larger waist sizes may need to select longer styles, to prevent excess skin from buldging at the top or bottom of the corset. The same would apply to overbust styles.

A word of warning on long line styles: Due to the length, these styles may create discomfort when sitting and are not suitable for shorter torso's. While the full hip coverage is addressed, long line styles fitting at, or just above the crotch tend to dig into the thigh's when sitting, pushing the corset up into the underbust or under arms. Additionally, sitting will put added stress on the corset, thus shortening the life span

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