Cortland Fly Fishing Line

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My Personal Choice of Cortland Lines
Reviewed by Scottish International and competition angler,
Graeme Connelly.

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Cortland Classic 444 Floating
Floating Great line for dries and pulling wests with its special taper design and tight loops makes this line a great short to middle distance line.
It’s my go to line when fishing dries and pulling wets n Loch Leven and the Lake of Menteith.­­­
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Cortland Intermediate
Cortland Blue. Possibly the best all-round intermediate there is. Great pulling line for wets on Loch Leven and on the lochs of Orkney.
Alan Smith Scottish international swears by this line for pulling wets and fishing buzzers fishing on Loch Leven.Cortland Blue
Cortland Intermediate Camo Line.
Another line for the box, great line for small still waters and for the Lochs.
Again using the 444 special taper makes this line cast like a dream and pin point accuracy with minimum effort and just flies through the rod rings. Great pulling line for lures and wets another great line for Loch Leven and the Lake of Menteith.Cortland Camo Line.
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Cortland Full Sinking Type 3
These lines are a must for the loch style fisherman who want to get his flies and lures down deep to the fish, both lines sink at( Type 3 at 3-4 inches a second) and Type six 6-7 inches a second). Both are great lines for fishing with boobies and pulling blobs on the big English reservoirs like Grafham and Rutland, and of course not forgetting Loch Leven and the Orkney lochs like Harray and Swanney.
All these lines are a must for the fly fisherman who wants to cover all the bases and great for the newcomer to the sport.Cortland Type 3
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About Me
Fly fishing for over 20 years, capped at international level on 2 occasions, winning silver and gold medal at Grafham and Lyn Brenig in the Scottish international loch style team.
Loch Leven is my home water as you can see from the picture to the right, this me with 2 wild Browns caught on Buzzers fishing a Cortland floater on a 20ft leader fishing over 15ft of water.
Part time fishing coach with Sana and with the Fife council at Loch  Ore Meadows, teaching the fly fishing and fly tying. The other waters i fish are Lake of Menteith and the many lochs in Orkney and the large reservoirs in England like Grafham and Rutland.

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Jocks Tackle is my local tackle dealership and I like to spend my money within the community I live in.
you get great deals there and the staff are always ready to give advise on what and wheres fishing locally.
great choice of gear from fly fishing to bait for Pike, sea etc.
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